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Who is this Pixelpig?

Pixelpig is a graphic design service.
I am that guy (well girl) that helps boost your brand and make you look grand!
Yep, that’s me. Oink!

Design, design and then some more design

I create communications designs for corporate clients – from internal to external and branding at its best.
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Back to school parties help the foundation raise funds to build up schools. I create a new look and feel each year and handle the production of certificates, an auction brochure and other cool collateral.
Never to cool for school!



One of the best marketing elements for growth is graphic design. That's where I come in.

I create designs that visually communicates with your audience. In this process, I will use different elements of designing like typography, colour, illustration and photography to express a concept. Using Pixelpig you can enhance the visibility of the content. Graphic design has a big application in daily life as well as for business processes. 

I take your idea, problem, story and facts and transform it into visuals that resonates with the audience allowing the message and experience to be more memorable. Pixelpig is all about creating unique visual communications that are creative and hit the mark in terms of delivering the objectives. Pixelpig is based on the foundation of problem solving with passion. Ideas are transformed to life through the understanding of how people think and feel.


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Visual communications that stands out

Work Process.

I believe in creating designs that carries the message across in a visually appealing way.

Hi, I'm Sharon

I am all about passion. Passion for my work, passion for the people I work with and mostly passion about creating unique designs that will live longer than the campaign.
Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Send me your ideas and let's transform it into a visual masterpiece!

My philosophy

Every single project I embark on is close to my heart. Whether it’s something simple from banner ads to websites. I think the fact that I really get to know my clients on a more friendly level, I get to understand their needs a bit better. The personal touch I provide sets me apart from the larger agencies where you are just a job number. 

Let's create your design

Your business knows the importance of custom graphic designs. You need to stand out. I want to make things stand out in today’s clutter of material and content which is something you find on the shelves. Pixelpig understands your needs and what you are trying to achieve and then visually communicates that need. I can help.

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